Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handy Manny Party

Flashback to almost a year ago, I spent six months in preparation for my sweet baby boys first "big" birthday party! I was very excited since he actually had a little group of friends to invite!!
I composed a toddler-sized festival of everything I could think of that a toddler likes to do! We created several stations: face painting, coloring pages, play doh, bubbles, large cardboard boxes, and a water table!!

We also featured one of Handy Manny's favorite spots to be: Mr. Loparts's Candy Store!

All of the kids had so much fun, and went home exhausted!! It was a wonderful day for all!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Party like a Rockstar

I have always been "that mom". I have always sat at home the night of my son's birthday party and dream of what spectacular creation I could come up with the next year to celebrate this precious boy God gave me! This of course comes with an endless cycles of theme-changing...
This year, after Christmas, I noted that it was time to start planning another party. I also felt that my son was ready to pick his own theme. (I usually do a good job of picking something that he loves, but I feel that the more children are involved in their party, the more excited they will be!) He had little hesitation - a Rockstar party it is!!
I'm currently working now, making hats, favor bags, banners, et cetra... You name it, I've probably made one!
Pics will be coming soon....