Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sanderson Wedding (October)

It's a wonderful feeling when you get to watch two people getting married when you know that the couple is absolutely made for each other! What could make it better? When the bride is your best friend...

Pam is my cousin, so she and I have been friends since we were little. 

We shared a love of Ego waffles and country music. We had a "club" (along with her sister, Andrea) when we were kids, and as we got older, we got closer. When we were young ladies, we saw each other in bad relationship and made a pact that we would never let each other marry a man who we truly did not think was right for her... Fortunately, we never had that problem. 

The first time Pam brought her boyfriend Sandy over to our house for dinner and a game night, I knew that was who she would marry. It's hard to describe why it was evident, but it was. And the night she called to tell me that he had proposed, I was over the moon! I was ready to plan her wedding right then, but she had to reel me in a little! 

She wanted a fall wedding without being to "fall" (no leaves). She also really wanted the wedding to have a rustic feel, so she found the perfect place to have it at a girl scout camp.
The view was breath-taking!

This adorable banner was made with their engagement pictures:

Instead of favors, she had a candy buffet... 

I need to feature these little burlap S's. I made them for her bridal shower, and she loved them so much, that she wanted to use them at the wedding... And I burned myself so many times making them, I still do not have any feeling in my left thumb....

And of course we had a wishing tree!!

My wish for this couple is simple: a long and happy life together, but to remember that God did not design marriage to make us happy, but to make us holy. 

I love you both!!

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