Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorite Things!!

Favorite Things parties, first made popular by Oprah, are now all the rage on Pinterest. Last December, I hosted one with my friend, Susan, and it was a huge success! It works well as a Christmas party because you leave with so many gift ideas... That party was so fun, that it inspired another Favorite Things Party, but this time, there's a twist. 

In case you are unfamiliar with how these parties work, you bring 3 of your "favorite thing", and they'll be swapped and you leave with three other things that other people brought...
However, this time, we will only be going home with two exchanged gifts. The third will be donated to make goodie bags (Bags of Love*, if you will) for the residents of a local women's home that services women of our county who are homeless or in need of a stable living environment and gives them a chance for a new beginning.

I am so excited about this party! It's going to be a fun girls' night with games, cupcakes, and plenty of gabbing with girlfriends! The decorating theme is pink and zebra print. Sure you may think this theme is terribly unorigional, but a lot of thought went into it. Pink represents our femininity, instilled by God, as he created us to be different from men. The zebra print represents the concept that with God's law, there is only a black and white, there is no grey area.

I have been working non-stop on this party, I am so excited that I have the opportunity to style it!

Since I don't have any pictures, yet, I thought I'd just share some of my "pinspiration " with you!!

My Favorite Things party

When we had our first meeting, it was no time before someone belted out the classic song from "The Sound of Music"!!

Favorite Things Window

But I digress, onto the PINK!!

Gorgeous glam birthday party table

A Favorite Things Party with all your girlfriends... OMG I wanna do this ASAP!  @Jobeth Berg @Ashley Gorney think I can get this organized in the next week?!?  How fun would this be?!?

Favorite Things party

minnie mouse party decorations - Google Search

Minnie Party

Zebra & Hot Pink  | Catch My Party

It's not zebra, but this polka dot table cloth is adorable!!

modern barbie party

I already made a wreath like this, but I added white ribbon so that it's not "Punch You In Your Face" pink...

Zebra & Pink Wreath

I kind of want to throw in a few pieces like this, since I have a few small pieces of furniture that I'm going to paint anyway...

Zebra and hot pink.

Sooo that's my to-do list! I'm very excited to let you know how the party goes next week!!

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